Why Agverdict?

AgVerdict combines field-specific data with our agronomists’ knowledge for a strategic decision-making toolkit to maximize our customers’ return on investment.

It’s More Than Software

At Wilbur-Ellis, we combine local agronomy and food system expertise with class leading technologies to help you farm smarter, stay informed, and easily manage all of your field information. To us, it’s about more than software. It’s about managing total farm performance.

For Growers

AgVerdict is your single source for storing, accessing and managing agronomic and operational data specific to your fields and farms.

For Agronomists

AgVerdict provides a secure, single point of entry for all of your grower’s information and field records. AgVerdict is designed with permission-specific authorizations to keep data available, up-to-date and protected.

Driven by our Customers’ Needs

After completing our research, we are able to bring you comprehensive precision agriculture and farm management software. By providing all of the tools to simplify farm management, overall efficiency and performance are enhanced.

Easy to use.

Our user-friendly interface is easy to use and completely customizable. AgVerdict stores information in a cloud-based system for easy access anywhere. It supports GPS tracking, farm and field mapping software, crop management, performance monitoring, record keeping, and unlimited data storage.

Own Your Own Data

Data from AgVerdict can be exported, by growers, for electronic or print submissions. These reports can then be sent to regulators, GAP programs, or end-users. Your agronomic data is always secure, available, and our top priority. Your information will never be released to a third party, and we constantly monitor potential security risks.

Strategic Decision Making

Operating a farm is a complex endeavor, our agronomy software is designed to easily integrate with other systems and data sources. AgVerdict makes it possible to predict problems before they become critical, mitigating risk in real time. Enhance production, increase returns, and maximize opportunities.

Food Safety and Regulatory Compliance

When it comes to growing food, environmental stewardship and food safety are highly significant. AgVerdict gives you the ability to improve your farm record keeping, whether entered on a computer or mobile device. Deliver those records to regulatory agencies or packers, shippers, and processors, either electronically or printed.

A Highly Effective Toolkit

A broad use, farm planning software solution, built with you in mind. Supported by best in class technology, products, and training. The performance of your farm operation depend on it, which is why we deliver trusted information and insights when they’re needed most.

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