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AgVerdict combines local agronomists’ knowledge with precision farming technology to create solutions which will prove indispensable to the success of your operation.

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All Agronomy is Local

Whether it’s planning for your crop rotation, selecting hybrids or varieties, managing crop inputs or soil fertility, or scouting your fields in season, you rely on local experts to help you grow more.

That’s where we come in. Local service, local expertise, combined with best in class software to help you make better decisions and increase productivity on your farm.

Field Mapping

Our easy to use field mapping software allows users to draw field boundaries online or with GPS enabled mobile devices. The AgVerdict interface allows you to mark individual points within fields, measure acreage, and calculate distances. Our farming technology allows you to import field maps and GPS boundaries, so you there is no need to re-enter data from other sources.

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Remote Sensing and Site-Specific Analysis

Our agronomy technology allows you to store imagery and spatial data from your fields. You are able to upload it manually or directly from the machine. From understanding crop vigor in each are of your field to knowing the exact yield at the end of a season, AgVerdict will help you make site-specific decisions.

Soil Sampling & Soil Analysis

A soil test will reveal the current nutrient status of your fields or zones, and provide timely indications of required fertilizer needs depending upon crop, and performance goals. With AgVerdict’s farm planning software, soil sampling plans can be developed for virtually any sampling method, and the system integrates seamlessly with your soil lab, delivering results directly to back to your fields in the system.

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Scouting Your Fields

A proper recommendation begins with boots in the field. The scouting feature in our agronomy software enables you to base field recommendations on field observations, while keeping a detailed record of pests, growth, and other notes each season.

More Information

  • Record Pests and pinpoint the location in a field
  • Record Plant Growth and Growth Stage
  • Save images with GPS location
  • Make field notes with specific locations
  • Send reports from a mobile device
  • View observations on the web
  • View historical scouting observations on a mobile device

Managing Plant Nutrition

Our nutrient stewardship service provides a framework to achieve cropping system goals, such as increased production, increased profitability, enhanced environmental protection and improved sustainability. To achieve those goals, our concept incorporates the right fertilizer source at the right rate, time, and place.

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Managing Field Applications

Crop recommendations (RECs) written within the AgVerdict system integrate automatic label-checking and electronic storage and delivery, with a flexible communication tool.

Your local experts are able to prescribe the right product mix by utilizing the advanced label checking software within AgVerdict, ensuring it meets regulatory compliance. Completed recommendations are stored electronically and can easily be e-mailed to growers or applicators.

Variable Rate Application

Our precision farming technology provides the ability to vary inputs based on soil type, soil conditions, texture, topography, crop yield, field scouting data, or remotely sensed images for a field.

With AgVerdict, you have the ability to integrate all critical variables into your field application plan. This agronomic data allows you to track performance and evaluate performance results and returns each year.

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Product Use Reporting

Field applications can easily be recorded in AgVerdict, whether you are out in the field on a mobile device or in the office on the web. Application events can be automatically created by integrating REC information with final application details, such as date, time, and weather conditions. Our farm record keeping ensures detailed reports for GAP, risk management, sustainability initiatives, and product use history. All of which promote good agriculture practices. Product Use Reports (PURs) can be printed or electronically delivered to the appropriate end-user.

Compliance with Food Safety Regulations

Farm record keeping is a critical asset for managing information used in GAP, Food Security, and Regulatory audits. AgVerdict allows you to record application events for pesticides and fertilizers, along with the specific details surrounding the event. All information is kept secure and remains private.

Field specific events such as planting, harvest, tillage, and irrigation are all stored in a single place, no matter who added the details. This data can be exported in a digital format and delivered to the end-user.

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Season Long Record Keeping

The best decisions are based on history. AgVerdict has a place to store every event that occurs in the field. From planting to harvest, and everything in between, anything you do in your field can be recorded. Our agronomy services will promote good agriculture practices, while also bringing ease to your daily farm operations.

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